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Time For Trivia has a long history ( 15 years) with providing successful fundraisers to the community.


We offer a range of services to suit the occasion, and make sure that everyone has a fun night too! Depending on the cause, our fundraising nights always succeed in raising money for your particular requirements. The night itself consists of a professional host introducing the cause and explaining the need for raising funds!


We provide a team of professional, entertaining and upbeat hosts.

There will be four rounds of 10 questions each, totalling 40 questions.

The night will run anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours - depending on the crowd and your requirements.

There are games and prizes all through the night.

Our professional team will MC any auctions,lucky door prizes or announcements that you require, as well as running the trivia portion of the night.


Prior to your evening our host will liaise with your event coordinator to discuss your requirements for the evening


Answer sheets, picture questions and all music provided by the host.


Trivia questions are tailor made to suit your fundraiser and take into consideration the demographic of your participants. We also include questions relating to your cause if appropriate. This aids in supporting the cause and raising awareness.


Some of our customers include Southern Sydney Rugby Club, Cartridge World Miranda, Gadens Law firm, Breast Cancer Foundation, Sylvania Heights Public School, Engadine Rugby Club, Melbourne Cup Day and many many more.

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